Adventures in the Eastern Realms

The Disappearing Hand

Into the Cavern of the Reptile God

From what appeared to be a portal in the wall another shadow hand appeared before the party.
Still stunned by the disappearance of Reggie they had to recover and quickly jump into action.

While Shayde & Carric made their way deeper into the maze like area, Jordy and Carlasmus tried to learn more about the hand and what may have become of Reggie. After jumping into the hand and allowing himself to be pulled thru the portal. Jordy found himself back into the entrance of the maze.

Not realizing what became of Jordy Carlasmus made his way over to Shayde & Carric which had just discovered the location of Reggie. All four of the party members soon discovered they were in a dead end. Shortly after Jordy still near the maze entrance was knocked unconscious and taken thru another portal. Reggie also found himself again unable to dodge the swipe of the Shadow hand and was taken thru the portal.

As Reggie found himself and Jordy in an unexplored area of the maze, the rest of the party made their way past the dead end after Carric found and unlocked a secret door. Now the party able to regroup, and heal made their way north out of the maze into an muddy underground tunnel. They took this opportunity to rest.

Unfortunate for the party their rest was cut short when they were spotted by a Carpa Demon and his undead dogs while out on patrol within the lower tunnels. During the savage battle the demon was able to cleave Shayde into unconsciousness with one of his 3ft machetes. But ultimately the party was able to disrupt most the the demons feral attacks and ultimately slay the fiend and his undead canines.

After this the party discovered what the shadow hands, and the carpa demon had been guarding. It appeared to be a one way teleport into the cavern of the reptile god. The party made their way thru the teleport and continued on their quest to find and stop this Reptile God which has caused such chaos.

Just after entering the wet muddy caverns the party was greeted by a hungry cave fisher. They were able to defeat the creature and make their way deeper into caves and caverns.

With just enough time to recover from an arrow trap finding its mark on Carric the party found themselves in another battle with a weird water beast. The beast seems determined to stop the party from advancing any further into the caverns.

The party also seems determined to put an end to all of this reptile god madness.
But will they find the reptile god? Or just more foul creatures like this water beast looking to stop them?

Players: Carric, Jordy, Shayde, Reggie, Carl
XP Per Player: 470


What? One way teleport? Is my rope still hanging through?

The Disappearing Hand
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